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ActiveBody and Managing Diabetes: For years I struggled with managing my exercise routines while living with Diabetes. At first, I tried paper and pen, graduated to those Bicycling training journals offered with the magazine years ago and even more recently tried other online mileage tracking tools. With each iteration of record keeping, I became more and more disenfranchised with the laborious tasks of keeping my diabetes metrics and training metrics in synch. It seemed that either few of the data points I needed for documenting my training were easily and accurately available or there was little room to add other pertinent training data such as blood sugars as well as other off-bike training data.

Activebody differentiates itself from other online management tools by allowing the user to easily enter as much or as little of the data as necessary. The handy report section allows you to track effort graphically while a robust calendar section gives you a day-by-day effort representation, very handy when comparing to Diabetes monitoring logs. The Activebody experience is enhanced by a customizable login page and user preferences area to tailor the data you capture to your needs.

Activebody is perhaps the best tool available online free of cost. The dedication to quality and thoroughness in execution reinforce the feeling that this is a quality tool. It's hard to believe sometimes that this tool is free, especially with the constant feedback and improvement from the folks who developed it.

Use Activebody, even if you have never tracked your workouts before. You will understand your training better and benefit from it.

Roy Burnham

I've been using since it first started. It's an easy way to keep track of bike miles and workout routines. I can keep track of my workouts without having to keep track of a paper journal. I simply set my preferences for my regular club rides so I don't have to always input the same data; I only need to enter my miles and time for each ride. It even compiles and plots my progress for me, which really helps motivate me by showing my progress.

Scott Rose

I've found to be a great training aid. Because I spend a large amount of time overseas and ride early in the morning before work, I usually ride alone or with my tandem partner. The challenge series organized by Clint have provided a great community of training partners across the world. Adding my rides to the database and then checking how my mileage is accumulating compared to my colleagues is a great source of motivation and has made morning rides with a headlight more enjoyable!

Howard L. Snell
Belen, New Mexico and Puerto Ayora, Galapagos, Ecuador

I love to ride my bike and track my progress, but was forced to use a clumsy spreadsheet until I found Activebody. Now I use this great free site to log my all my rides.

I really love the constant improvements and easy interface the site offers.

Gary Hammel


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